# Release Notes December, 2021  

# New features

- Hubspot integration is available.
- Two factor authentication with Google Authenticator is available.
- Quick Replies for Facebook is available.
- New account page for Email, Facebook and LINE are available.

# Fixes

- The appearance of original start message from receipts issue have been fixed.
- Loading of version page issue have been fixed.

# Improvements

- Administration level column is added in Agents page.
- Lines of customization code in Chat/FAQ Widget are removed from basic config.
- Confirmation popup have been added when removing data from Knowledgebase, Categories or Questions.
- Speed of sending/fetching of answer on social media have been improved.
# Release Notes November, 2021  

# New features

- Login by Facebook and Google account is available.
- Appearance of Cention logo in Chat/FAQ Widget based on features is available.

# Fixes

- Spellcheck icon issue in latest UI design have been fixed.
- Presence of side scroll issue have been fixed.

# Improvements

- New Tags page in Administration available.
- Table height, pager display and paging numbers row had been improved in Knowledge base page.
- Sent answer on social media in Cloud had been improved.
# Release Notes October, 2021  

# New features

- Hubspot integration is available.
- New login page is available.
- Login into the system by using Facebook account is available.
- Login into the system by using Google account is available.
- Setup new password from social media account and login back to the system is available.
- New skeleton screens for page loading is implemented.

# Fixes

- Changes in Preferences affecting setting of 'Preferred area in all errand' issue have been fixed.
- Issue on unselecting Preferred Signature and Preferred Salutation have been fixed.
- Text issue in new Administration pages have been fixed.
- Save issues on Questions in Knowledge base page have been fixed.
- Issue on Feedback email receiving by CC and BCC have been fixed.
- Count of selected errand displayed when agent 'Select All' in List View have been fixed.
- Tag listing when selecting errand from different area have been fixed.
- Chat errand displayed in All errands from List View issue have been fixed.
- 'Bright Reference Code' is shown in Agents creation form.
- Chat issue in ClearIT have been fixed.
- Contact from Contact Card and select contact during external transfer issues have been fixed in SIP.
- Text engine had been removed from the menu bar in Administration.
- Incoming and outgoing call notifications/popup issues in SIP have been fixed.
- User interface issues on SIP Call have been fixed.
- User interface issues on Description field in SIP Call have been fixed.
- Outbound call panel will stays on page if agent click anywhere outside it in SIP.
- Mismatch color issue of agent status in SIP have been fixed.
- Call can be made on vertical reply box mode.
- Js error when agent using phone panel to make external call transfers have been fixed.
- Js error issue when agent entering number with space have been fixed.

# Improvements

- Agent name and errand ID are now shown in Suggestion for Knowledge base.
- Search and filter functionality are added in Tags drop down.
- Preview API will not be shown when preview feature is switched off in Preferences.
- Knowledge base ID are now included in Knowledge base page.
- 'Total' column are added in Collaboration report.
- Original timestamp is shown in the cloned errand which will affect the response time of newly created clone errand.
- 'Read notification' have been removed from Notifications in Sidebar and only shown when agent clicked on 'View more notification'.
- All related features for automatic replies are now grouped into 'Machine Learning' in Features page.
- Agent able to make call on errand viewing mode.
- Agent able to change number to make a call.
- SIP Call from errand viewing is shown in errand 'Show actions'.
- Reject/Decline Call button in phone panel can be set to enable or disable.
- IVR can be used on dial pad.
- Force classification is shown in external transfer for Call.
- Incoming call ring tone can be heard from internal device and voice is heard from headset.
- External call transfer can be successfully projected using new phone panel.
# Release Notes September, 2021  

# New features

- Collaboration between area is available.
- Force On all channel list for all agents in Chat Toggle feature is available.
- 'Send notification to OS' settings in Preference is available.
- SIP auto errand creation is available when SIP call comes in while Aventa feature is disabled.
- Instagram Direct Messages integration is available.

# Fixes

- Login issue after changes been made in Preferences have been fixed.
- 'Edit question' feature issue have been fixed.
- Edit and save on existing Address Book data issue have been fixed.
- Collapsible and expandable issue of Collaboration thread have been fixed.
- Groups list issue in Reports creation have been fixed.
- Errand forwarding issue when call is been transferred have been fixed.
- Visitor path missing issue after customer rate chat have been fixed.
- Facebook's comment with embedded video issue have been fixed.

# Improvements

- Confirmation popup are added when user removing elements in Knowledge bases, Categories, Questions and Suggestions tab in Knowledge base page.
- Chat Widget loading appearance are improved.
- Skins addition is available in Chat/FAQ Widget.
- Voice errands/calls are able to be made using SIP server.
# Release Notes August, 2021

# New features

- Feature to notified agent regarding more errands under Other Contact is introduced.
- Set a preferred area is implemented when creating and sending manual errand.
- Compare data functions are available in Statistics.
- New satisfaction meter templates features are available in Whatsapp.
- Verifying domains through Cention Administration are implemented in Simple Mail Transfer Protocol(SMTP) page.

# Fixes

- Preview errand issue have been fixed.
- Forward to agent and forward to area for Chats issue based on features have been fixed.
- Youtube authentication error have been fixed.
- Phone number format for Whatsapp is displayed in better format in Errand header.
- Create errand window, Chat Channels toggle switch, Make Call and Phone icon click issues have been fixed.

# Improvements

- Preview button are removed from Collaboration tab.
- Errand actions status (Closed, Partly answered and etc) are showing precisely.
- Agent's name is displayed in bold font in Chats.
- Chatbots page had been moved under Chat header in Administration.
- New look for Knowledgebase administration page is available.
- Sending, replying and fetching errands for Singapore and Stockholm regions are implemented.
- A configuration to mail account for preserving/deleting email is added.
- Hangup call is available for dial out and redial in Aventa/SIP.
- Agent status changed automatically when making outgoing call in Aventa/SIP.
- A status of 'Waiting for connection' will display once agent picking up a call until the call is connected in Aventa/SIP.
- Call errands can be saved and closed while making call in Aventa/SIP.
- Header names are made short to fit in the table for Agent SIP Statuses page in Aventa/SIP.
- Configuration of STUN/TURN servers are available in Aventa/SIP.
# Release Notes July, 2021

# New features

- Front-end integration with Telavox.
- Screen sharing is available in Video Chat/Chat.
- SIP connection status indicator is available in the Workflow page.

# Fixes

- Misalignment of Collapse sidebar icons with other icon have been fixed.
- Confirm button can be clicked after choosing a long tagging list.

# Improvements

- Standardization of Cention icons.
- Car tunnel loading background have been removed and a custom spinner displayed once
agent login or refresh the workflow page.
- Upload CSV file functions are available for Tags list creation, Groups list creation,
Agents and Group connection and Automatic Tagging creation.
- Agent able to view Call statistics, CSAT data into Cention dashboards in Aventa.
- User provision of APIs are implemented in Telavox.
- Agent status will be hidden when integration is enabled in Telavox.
# Release Notes June, 2021  

# New features

- New embedded side menu.
- Agent status will be automatically available in the queue after timer end for after work time in Aventa.
- Features of hide cold transfer and hide warm transfer buttons are implemented in Aventa.
- Display name from SIP header are available in Aventa.
- Answered incoming call automatically are implemented in voice errand.

# Fixes

- Options menu are display downward.
- Text box size in Create Errand can accommodate up to 10 lines by default.
- Minor issues in new embedded side menu have been fixed.
- Date and time selection issue on the postponed calendar have been fixed.
- Popup error in Toggle menu when view acquired errand from Other Contacts icon is fixed.
- Errand from search results in top bar can be clicked when in non-workflow(Wordlist, Salutations, Signatures, Address Book, External Expert, Messages and Export) pages.
- Administrator level able to add new account to any group even if it is not connected to that area in Email Accounts page, Receipt and Greetings page and File Archive page.
- Dial pad interface issues have been fixed in Aventa.
- Validation for valid input on Name, Email Address and Question in Chat/FAQ have been fixed.

# Improvements

- Font modernization.
- Channel grouping is available in custom reports.
- Only active channel will visible in the workflow.
- New multiple actions are supported in notification action list.
- Notification text had been changed in notification email for Review Errand.
- New icons and avatar implemented with better dimensions and alignments.
- Errand preview are enhanced with a better preview of full errand and to accommodate longer errand.
- Custom variables for templates are available in Whatsapp.
- All incoming errand from messaging channels(Chat, SMS, Voice and Whatsapp) will match and suggest with the entry in contact card.
- Warm transfer can be performed successfully to other agents in Aventa.
- Hold call button is working good during warm transfer in Aventa.
- Chat/FAQ Widget are upgraded with a new widget skins.
- Multiple area selection is added in Chat/FAQ Widget.
- Avatar of online agents are available in Chat/FAQ Widget.
- Avatar of online agents in Chat/FAQ Widget can be change accordance to the changes made by agent in Preferences.
- Channel hyperlinks are able to be added as channel selector in Chat/FAQ Widget.
# Release Notes May, 2021

# New features

- New feature automatically move agent back as available in the queue after timer end after working time.
- New added filter for collaborator (e-mail) in Collaboration Report.
- Message to agent will be shown if has been logged out or there is another type of error.
- New added feature for search in answer box by typing slash (/).
- "Download all" button implemented in attachment panel.
- Implement Forward to external with SIP/Aventa.
- New integration with Telavox.
- Chat assignment functionality working in cloud environment.

# Fixes

- Agent's login name from preference page not automatically displayed on global search field.
- Despite only chevron, the whole lines are clickable to open collaboration.
- Call function button for incoming and outgoing call are standardize.
- Aventa/Cention agent status race condition.
- Facebook errands going directly to user.
- Agent can only access errands that have area connected.
- "Unanswered" column in collaboration report can be exported.
- Errand not opened when agent clicks on preview box
- No error when adding collaboration answer attachment for reply.
- Correct label for content transformation

# Improvements

- Recipient button displayed properly while minimizing browser.
- Channel dropdown and toggle toolbar does not overlap with chat errand and internal comment.
- Live Chat/FAQ Widget configuration user interface in admin page.
- Line breaks toolbar on maximized and minimized browser.
- Follow up questions can be added in Knowledge Base and post back in chat widget.
- Chatbot can handle template parsing.



# Release Notes April, 2021

# New features

- New feature for sending auto reply message on social media chat outside of working hours.
- New added feature for warm transfer of call to agent.

# Fixes

- Errand height in in standardize size.
- The new reply tab and area list on chat does not overlap with internal collaborate.
- "Mark as Cention user" option in agent setting can be saved.
- No JS error pop up when scrolling fast and mouse over to errands on Search result.
- Agent's login name from preference page not displayed on global search field .

# Improvements

- All dropdown hover and button have standardized color in Cention dark mode.
- Menu on auto save message not breaking and the navigation info have been moved at the bottom.
- The new SIP statuses created without duplicates and it is configurable by agent.
- Header names are short which fit in the table on agent SIP statuses page.
- New texts in Cention are being tracked.
- Twilio can accept incoming call and it's not breaking down.
- Create/Send Errand functions have same design with answer errand functions.
- Tags dropdown on create/send errand and in errand page sync to have same new dropdown design.
# Release Notes March, 2021

# New features

- Cention Dark mode is implemented.
- Action button design on dark mode at clicked button displayed same when hovered.
- Search or filter for chatbot intent list.
- New report of chat rating shown which errand the rating referred.
- Follow up questions can be added in Knowledge Base and post back in chat widget.
- New function add template in Knowledgebase > Questions for the answer
- Chatbot can handle template parsing.
- New feature "Blocks calls when have active chat and vice versa" to block calls when another live communication(chat) is on progress and vice versa.
- New added Read all/Clear all option in Notifications.
- External collaboration newly added on chat.
- LinkedIn Integration implemented.
- Different channels can be handled in one thread.
- Provide Option provided to use text for start form submit button on widget chat.
- Option for switching to Manual Source Service Type.

# Fixes

- Collaboration UI header and below line shows correct colour.
- Area on accounts channel can be changed.
- Telegram and Viber features showing the expected number of active chat when enable/disable the toggle.
- Agent first message on chat not appeared on the first line.
- No JS error popup displayed when click on Review Manager by Agents.
- Video call auto rejected when agent has multiples tab opened.
- Satisfaction meter in previewing errand is clickable.
- Correct count for Returned, Forwarded to Area and Forwarded to Agent in Statistics.

# Improvements

- Chatbot not returns error if question send over 256 characters.
- Chatbot response with asking to leave a message(configurable) if outside working hours.
- Unlimited tagging level can be added, edit and remove applicable at any level of tagging.
- Configuration of Chat/FAQ widget directly in Cention system.
- Labels for Trigger Panel, Contact Button, Feature header, Browse header and fields of contact button background color, contact button text color, footer text color are removed.
- All receipts and greetings are normalize and consolidated.
- Twilio can accept call more reliable.
- New texts in Cention are being tracked.
- Warm transfer to agent for Aventa.
- Agent ability to record video call based on feature on Chat Widget.
- More custom config additions on current or existing Chat/FAQ widgets.
- Attachment handling for ongoing and ended chat.
- Pop up alert for confirmation of changes on UI/UX Creating Routing Rule.
# Release Notes February, 2021

# New features

- Chat/FAQ widget configuration directly from Cention system.
- New action button design in Errand page for light and dark mode.
- New Chat rating report is created and chat rating removed from satisfaction meter.
- Chat settings (Chat alias, Play sound for new chat message, Number of allowed simultaneous message, Chat message preview) in Preferences are hidden when chat feature is switched off.

# Fixes

- FAQ widget search field not moving and can be scrolled down seeing send button using Android phone.
- FAQ widget list of question for knowledge base does not exceed the UI border.
- Chatbots not handover to agent ask "To leave a message" if outside working hours.
- List of training phrases in Chatbots page not messed up out of border.
- Chatbots libraries selection in Sysadmin not displayed cut off.
- Toggle switch in Live Chat/FAQ widget in configuration page is toggleable.
- No message error pop up when click on save for training phrases in Chatbots page.

- Area in area filter list not shown when agent do not have access to it.
- Default signature is selected automatically in manual errand.

# Improvements

- 'TO' address now can be inserted with only 8-digit user-ID, not with email format.
- Edit smpp account GUI not messes up and alphabets can be entered in MSISDN.
- All Chats queue processed and assign chat based on First-In-First-Out (FIFO) order regardless which areas.
- Web browser stop auto-translating Cention form other language.
- Collaboration and chat errand can be created and exist in database.
- Click "sync" for the chatbots and getting updated modified library questions.
# Release Notes January, 2021

# New features

- Dark mode toggle moved to preference page.
- Creating multiple library questions will split into individual training phrases.
- Chatbot-customer chat is ended after errand is created.
- Integration of internal chat with Slack, MS Teams and Google.
- Chat/FAQ widget code can be downloaded directly from Live Chat/FAQ Widget configuration page.
- Allow chat rating to leave comment for both client and agent.
- Notification email for review errands received by team leader.

# Fixes

- FAQ widget chat can be resume when changing page.
- Spell check button is functioned.
- Agents data is displayed when navigating from Administration to Agents page.
- Channels on External Collaborations dropdown can be selected.
- Lock to me and suggest to knowledgebase feature can be clickable.
- First level tags are displayed when click on "Show more".
- Templates and templates of WhatsApp for organization's administrator page.
- Agent receiving chat from the same customer with same email address will not grouped.
- Chat/FAQ widget open the link with different tabs.
- FAQ widget "thank you" text message after sending question is configurable in Live FAQ widget configuration.
- Button "Contact Us" should link with the same page.
- Icon for video call is showing on the page.
- Visitor path is showned when mouse over and it can be scrolled.
- Search result in FAQ widget not showing duplicate info and correct keyword search.
- Browser can be zoomed to 100% and panel triggered button not overlapping.
- Closed chat not showing as inactive in chat sessions report.
- Div tags not appeared and created errand showed correct content.
- Choose files button is displayed and time controlled field is properly aligned.
- Image attached from File Archive button in Knowledgebase answer are not broken.

# Improvements

- All contact card listings and details are shown in lower case letters.
- FAQ widget questions aligned left and without bullet points.
- FAQ widget do not autozoom when using mobile.
- Chat/FAQ widget for agent not available or chat closed text statement can be customizable in chat config.
- Filter tags in search have more than 3 levels of tags.
- Text modification and newly added translation text.
- Send and fetch attachments in Google Chat integration with collaboration.
- Unlimited tagging level can be added.
- History of chat thread shown for chat errand closed.
- Active agent chart showed the axis label accordingly.
- New multi level tags are displayed on created errand.
- Unassigned chat errand not assigned to agent who opened it and showed correctly in closed/unanswered report.
# Release Notes December, 2020

# New features

- Greetings from the bot translated into chosen language the bot talking and chat-alias as the name for the bot.
- Chatbot auto populate customer's information and can update the details.
- Click "Talk to us" on FAQ widget directly open the chat and button title can be customizable.
- Errand thread numbers are displayed when report is generated.

# Fixes

- Notification bell icon and cross mark are well positioned.
- Images can be copy pasted and inserted from file archive into knowledgebase.
- Single section design synchronize with multi selection box.
- Internal Comment on chat can be clicked and displayed.
- Forward to agent option dropdown is aligned.
- Video chat work on the FAQ widget.
- No blank page appeared while forward chat errand to other area.
- Rating chat toggle position when enabled the Internal Chat.
- 'Plus' button added and knowledgebase list can load more data.
- Ongoing chat errand can be automatically scrolled down to the bottom.
- Reset 'X' button is placed in correct position.
- Create and send manual errand with channel "Secure Message".
- Errand view in Puzzel User Interface (UI).

# Improvements

- All contact card listings and details are shown in lower case letters.
- 'State' field on Chat errand header is unrevealed.
- Collaboration's filter colour change into blue when hover and clicked.
- Text modification and newly added translation text.
# Release Notes November, 2020

# New features

- Google Chat integrated with collaboration.
- External Collaboration with Email, MS Team, Slack, JIRA channels.
- New Admin page for Routings using new User Interface (UI) design for Keywords and AutoTags.

# Fixes

- Knowledge base search function when creating new errand.
- FAQ/Chat Widget reply box always displayed on customer side.
- PDF attachment able to sent through WhatsApp.
- Valid email address domain.
- Customer can receive files sent by agent through external chat.
- WhatsApp text with picture is shown and can reply sent to customer.
- Area dropdown User Interface(UI) in Admin/Agent feature settings.

# Improvements

- FAQ/Chat Widget modifications on responsiveness and User Interface(UI).
- Closure status reports in Statistics showed correct data.
- Video chat responsiveness and general User Interface (UI) enhancement for desktop, laptop, mobile, draggable video chat for agents.
- Receipt on received for Time Interval (in and out of active time) and closed receipt.
- Review Manager menu with two filters which is By Keywords and By Agents.
- New User Interface (UI) for chat errand not overlapping Navigation Info Component.
- Facebook Messenger auto-response with greetings text.
- Enhancement in ChatSession status (Active, Visible, Expired).
- Chat errand threads have the errands.

# Release Notes October, 2020

# New features

- Auto reply with predefined message all chat channels (Chat, Facebook Private Message, Twitter Direct Message, LINE, Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, VKontakte Private Message).
- Adding Google reviews into Cention.
- Real time video call between client and agent using Cention Chat Widget.
- New admin Routings page with new User Interface(UI) for Keywords and Auto Tags.

# Fixes

- The exported report result in Excel showing correct count of sub total.
- Voice errand pop-up showed the content.
- Image attachments showing correct date on the files time stamp.
- Send collaborations without any attachments and question.
- Collaboration history can be printed completely.
- Chat widget box not over scrolling.
- Ongoing chat errand automatically scrolled down to the bottom when agent open the errand.
- Reply box for new User Interface (UI) is not resizable.
- Chat widget is working good.
- XSS security issue in chat is fixed.
- Announcement are removed from GUI menu and feature group.
- Preview not causes to switch state.
- Errand lists in My errands can load faster, errand waiting time within few seconds.
- Files sent by agent can be received by customer through external chat.
- Contact card can be created when adding phone number.

# Improvements

- Character's update for Amazon Lex compliance training phrase.
- Text modification and newly added translation text.
- Blue bubble notifications handled by server(socketd) which are in Chat Functionalities, Collaborations, Reports and Exports, Internal Collaborations, Internal Messages, Errands Due Date and functionalities of Search page.
- Add and remove entries in CORS setting using Cloud platform.
- Chat widget/FAQ have multiple knowledgebase, comment section for rating and "No" button to open the chat directly.
- Facebook messenger message come to webhookd after starting the conversation.
- Acquired errand from other agent's errand and work on it in My errands.
- Copy paste image from errand will not create duplicates attachments.
- Chatbot on DialogFlow and Amazon Lex provider control by feature settings, can select which libraries to import when creating new chatbot, admin chatbot can edit which libraries to link with chatbot, editing intents sync for each chatbot and agent chat message will response with the question that fall under library container that link to one or more chatbots.
- Closure status report showing the correct data.
- Searching on the search page did not result with slow issue.
- Collaboration report have more functionality. It shown number of collaborations send and the collaboration average response time. Plus, number of answer and unanswered collaborations sent and the collaboration average handling time.
- Average answered and unanswered time, plus the count for each collaborator are shown.
- Selected channels are shown in the contact card drop down.
- Modification on Chat Widget/FAQ with new yellow icon, search box more bigger and wider.
- Copy to (CC) shown in Preview while sending email errand/reply to client by default.
- URL link received in chat widget will be opened in new browser tab.
- Chat errands received directly in Cention without go through the external queue.
# Release Notes September, 2020

# New features

- New agent Chat user interface for Reply, Internal Comment and Collaboration.
- New errand user interface for Internal Comment panel.
- New errand user interface for Collaboration Panel.

# Fixes

- Agent can choose to create errand in all errands when hide all errands feature is enabled.
- No duplicate questions in errand created by partial answer.
- Areas in Email Template page can be selected.
- Satisfaction meter/survey will send separate email after delay has been set in area settings.
- Set the correct date on the files time stamp.

# Improvements

- Option to add to answer box from internal chat.
- Template notifications will be sent out over WhatsApp.
- Internal collaboration notification can be clicked to open, while collaboration request notification can be opened and answered.
- The right agent shows as handling the reviewed errand.
- Aventa Integration setup has been put in Feature page.
- Cleaner integration enabled included with Click-to-call(CTC) for Outbound, CTC for Inbound call and Close Errand Timer indicator.
- CC is shown in Collaboration "Print" view.
- New text messages are added when handover chat to chat queue.
- Team members list fetch in Manage Team members page and fetch or send through webhook for Microsoft teams integration in Collaboration.
- 'Name' of intent for Lex is appeared in Chatbots' administration.
- Errand message view header panel look more slicker.
- Horizontal view is set to default for new agents, while for current agent will keep the view that they have chosen (Vertical/Horizontal).
- Red or yellow color dot will be shown for expired errand or warning.
- Manual errand will be created in My errands by default.
- Options to speak with Live agent both for Dialogflow and Amazon Lex.
- Agent's ExternalID and Area's ExternalID added for Eviexa's integration.
- Added status(errandCategories) in Exports.

# Release Notes August, 2020

# New features
- Default message for Automated Conversation Bot is displayed.
- Questions from customers are captured to train the bot that it cannot answered from knowledgebase.
- Agents can talk to bot via internal chat.
- New agent Chat user interface.
# Fixes
- Chat updates.
- Avatars are displayed on errands and preview.
- Errand UI fixes.
- Channel drop down is properly positioned.
- Translation option is displayed in the new UI Reply box.
- Added "Choose Archive File" for new user interface.
- Forward to agent list is scrollable.
# Improvements
- Voice errands now have satisfaction meter over SMS (Feedback survey).
- HTML tags are removed from the Conversation Bots intent training phrases when storing the library question and answer.
- The list of contact cards displayed in alphabetical order.
- Full history is included for social media on Email errands only.
- Download link for attachments from library question shown when automated conversation bot answer with a library question that with attachments.
- The new Reply box have consistent height when switching between panel.
- The chat selection can be opened together with open button.
- New Answer box have new UI design implemented which include Reply, Internal Comment, Collaborate, Forward to External and Question.
- Satisfaction meter is send out by survey mail once agent reply, close or resend the errand only.
- Review folder has errand count for errands.
- Chat can be transferred between agent with Call integrations.
- Several errands can be answered at the same time now cross-channel.
- Your able to setup and create one bot per area.
- Operation hours tab for Conversation bot in Organization or Area page.
- The last errand in a thread will be opened before answering.
- New framework/system to choose widgets on the executive report.


# Release Notes – July, 2020


New features


– Agents can collapse, expand, hide and show the sidebar.

– There is a new sidebar icon mode with a new look and feel.

– Several New standard reports are included: Collaboration, Closed and Answered reports, Number of Contacts per customer, Answered and average handling time by agent group/organizations and Closed voice errand with average handling time by agent group/organization.

– We have implemented errand states with automatic reply actions.

– The contact cards can now be grouped under Companies.

– A review manager for outgoing replies with a language filters and review folders for Team Leaders.

– Automatic tags for VIP errands and flagging of special/urgent errands. 


# Various Fixes


– Security: Lock account after certain tries.

– Various Issues on FAQ/Chat Widget.

– Acquire and open other agent owned errands are working smoother now.

– Numerous Search fixes.

– Several chat interface improvements and added functionality.


# Improvements


– New options for creating new errands and make calls

– New and improved user interface for several key areas including: Answer box and reply options, Internal Comments, Collaborate, Forward to External and Questions.

– A new and improved preference interface. 

– Statistics now include a new multi-drop down for Channels, Areas or organisations.

# Release Notes June, 2020


# New features


– GDPR tools to Anonymise by single errand and any attachments. 

– Telegram Integration included both for errands and chat.

– The new reply box UI got improvements for both Horizontal and Vertical view which Knowledge base is separated from assist tab on reply panel.

– Twitter comment reply sent to all recipients not only the 


# Fixes


   Outbound is removed from our system. 


# Improvements


– WhatsApp groups got an administration page where you can view a list of contacts and search for members by name and phone number.

– Email templates can be added into different organizations/areas.

– New framework to choose what widgets are shown on the executive report screen.

– The internal comment box in agent chat window can be added or expanded with new look.

– When there is no available agents Conversation bots in our FAQ/Chat widget you can now choose to show a form. 

Cention Contact Center

Release Notes Version 5

 Errand handling:

1.     Collaboration. 
A lot of new and enhanced functionality to enable very advanced errand handing using Collaboration. Traceability within the threads and during the handling of the errands.

2.     Feature: Collaboration link takes you to the latest errand in the thread. 
When External experts via link is used, the expert will be sent to the latest errand in the thread, even if the request was sent from a previous errand.

3.     Postpone errand
New errand handling functionality to postpone errands. By doing this the errand will be moved to a common area awaiting being handled. Due date needs to be set and there are possibilities to add notes regarding the errand.

4.     Forward errand – include history. 
We have added buttons so the agent easily can choose all errands and attachments in the thread, instead of ticking them one by one. Also, it’s now possible to add more than one address in the To field.

5.     Forward to agent from All/My errands. 
Ticking errands in the list opens the action bar where we have added the possibility to forward errands directly to an agent.

6.     Structured errand attachments. 
Attachments are shown per errand in the thread so that it’s easy for the agent to see what has been added when in the conversation.

7.     Social media chats. 
Direct messages in social media channels are handled in the same way as chats. Social media chats can use collaboration with internal agents when replying to the customer. Also, Twitter has updated their API so that we are now allowed to fetch attachments for DM’s. 

8.     LINE messages as chat. 
LINE messages will come in as chat messages and be handled accordingly.

9.      Feature for not allowing Internal comment to be edited.
For GDPR reasons we have added a feature for not allowing agents to add internal comments for an errand.

10.  Copy text from internal chat to errand notes. 
When working on an errand, and you talk to an agent on the internal chat, the text from the agent can be copied directly into the errand’s Errand notes.

11.  Action menu in Search.
You can now tick errands in Search and then get options to Add due date, Forward to area, Forward to agent, Return errand etc, for all chosen errands.

12.  Feature for mandatory signature.
If the feature is used, agents have to use a signature when replying to errands. If the feature is not used, agents can choose to send replies without using a signature.

13.  Protected content that will not be removed when customer answers.
If an agent has some questions they want answered from a customer, we can protect this part of the text for when the customer replies, for example:
Phone number:
If the customer adds the answers next to the fields, it would normally be removed when the answer arrives, since we remove all history below the —Please reply above this line —-
With this feature, we will keep the added text so that it will be shown when the agent opens the errand.

14.  Feature for including current errand in history.
If an errand has several errands in the thread, for example -1 to -5, and the agent opens -3:
* if this feature is switched off the history will show -1 -2 -4 -5 -3, or -5 -4 -2 -1 -3 depending on the agent’s settings. The errand that should be replied to will always be shown at the bottom.
* if this feature is switched on the history will show -1 to -5 or -5 to -1 depending on the agent’s settings, with -3 having a darker background color to indicate that this is the errand that should be replied to, and -3 is also shown at the bottom.

15.  Resize columns in All/My errands.
You can resize the columns by putting the mouse cursor between the column headings and drag it to the size you like.

16.  Acquire errands from All errands.
Tick the errands you want to take and then click +Acquire at the bottom of the action bar to move the errands to My errands.

17.  Feature: include manual errand history when forward to external.
Option to include/exclude manual errand history when forwarding an errand externally.

18.  Internal comment in Manual errand.
Possibility to add Internal comment when Creating/Sending manual errand.

19.  Added functionality for facebook PM.
* Thumbs up from customer
* Emojis are shown in the chat conversation
* Like icons are shown for messages

20.  Facebook emoticons. 
Agents can now see all six emoticon reactions to posts, not only like.

21.  Settings for Forced tagging.
Now you can choose which types of errand that tagging should be forced for:
* Close errand
* Delete errand
* Answer errand

22.  Feature for showing exact date and time. 
Default new errands are shown with the exact date and time, while older errands are shown as “3 months ago” for example. We have a feature for always showing the exact date and time for all errands.

23.  Address book and agents added in Contact book. 
Now you find entries from address books, contact cards and also agents in the Contact book that is found for example on the errand page. You can also add more channels than email in the address book.

24.  Knowledge base rating system.
Agents can rate knowledge base answers with a thumbs up or thumbs down and leave a comment. In the Knowledge base administration, a new tab has been added that shows the ratings.

25.  Chat Widget. 
Enhancement of chat widget. Our new default chat widget works on all platforms and makes it easy for customers and agents to interact with each other. It allows customers to rate if the chat is good or bad and leave an optional comment as a feedback to the agent. The chat widget is also implemented together with customer and agent avatars.

26.  Forced Pick-up next. 
We have added a feature to force agents to use Pick-up next. That way there will be no cherry-picking or wasting time to go to All errands and choose one.

27.  Due date notification. 
When an errand has a set due date, a notification will be sent to the agent two days before the due date to make sure the errand will be handled in time.

28.  Search. 
When performing a search, we have included options to search in external experts text, customer notes on the contact card and errand notes. You are also able to search for part of sentence or number sequence.


1.    Feature for locking fields in agents’ Preferences.
When feature is used, only administrators can change the following fields in an agent’s Preferences: Agent’s name and email address, avatar, external ID, preferred signature/salutation, signature name, chat alias.

2.    Feature for not including customer question in receipts.
This will make sure the customer question is not included in receipts that are sent out for incoming errands, as well as errands that are closed without an answer being sent to the customer.

3.    Setting for “blue bubble notifications”.
The setting allows the agent to turn off the blue bubble notifications. The notifications can still however be found under the notification bell in the top frame.

4.    Import Contact cards.
You can import Contact cards from a csv or excel file.


1.     New integration: WhatsApp.
Allows you to handle WhatsApp messages in Cention.

2.     Feature: Create open Voice errands. 
When an agent receives a voice errand, that errand can automatically be opened on their screen so that the agent can add comments, send SMS etc. Previously, an errand was created an immediately closed, using this feature it will stay open until the agent closes it. If routing rules are used, these errands can also be auto tagged.

3.     Puzzel: Extention of API for chats. 
We have added functionality for customers using Puzzel’s chat, so that you have a 360 view of all errands including the chats.

4.     New integration: Youtube. 
We fetch messages from your Youtube page and create errands for agents to handle.

5.     New integration: Microsoft Dynamics 365. 
Using our triggers to transfer email content and answers to the CRM system.

6.     New integration: IndicateMe. 
Allows sending out surveys after a call or email has been answered.


1.     Executive Report. 
The Overview page has been removed and instead we have added Executive Report where you will get an overview of a number of reports. To dig deeper you can open each separate part and drill down to find each errand in the report. All parts of the Executive report will also be found in the report list to be viewed separately. 

2.     Statistic Header Action. 
For every system report, there will be a header action that will help the administrator/team leader to use the data in the system report for external use.   
• Schedule report – You can make a scheduled report which will be sent to a specific email address that runs daily or weekly. 
• Share report – You can share the report internally between users send it by email. 
• Export report – Agent can export the system report to Excel format.

3.     New System Reports. 
New design for Statistics UI, and we have added a number of new reports: 
 Active agent – showing the agent activity during the chosen time period including: active for chat, active chats, inactive chats, in My errands, expired errands, warnings.
 Satisfaction meter overview – showing the rating your customers have given you. 
 Facebook rating – showing your facebook page ratings. 
 Leader board – showing average handling time and number of closed errands for each agent. 
 Organization overview – showing where all unanswered errands are in the system and if they are about to expire, if they have expired etc.
 Collaboration – report showing average response time for Collaboration answers per area. Clicking on an area shows you the exact time per errand.
 Number of Contacts – the report shows you how many times a specific customer has contacted you during the set time period and over which channels. It’s also found on the Executive report page, with the top 10 results.


4.     New report keys for Creating report.
Errand waiting time, active chat agent, chats and inactive chats, expired and warnings in My errands.


5.     Report: Chats in queue.
On the Executive report page, you can now see how many chats there are in the chat queue. The report Chat Sessions shows the number of active chats, expired chats, chats in queue and when clicking on the number in the report – you can see how long they have been waiting.



1.     Enable anonymization of customer data after certain amount of time
Allows dedicated person(s) in the customers organization to set a time per organization/area for data to be anonymized. Data will be anonymized but customer card details kept to keep the thread and history of the conversation.

2.     Extended version for 1 above.

Allows dedicated person(s) to also anonymize the customer card after the same time as set in 1 above. This is done per area hence might be necessary in some areas but not in others.

3.     Enable export of customer data.
Allows dedicated person(s) in the customers organization to extract customer data from the system if customers are asking to see what has been stored about them. This will create a link that can be distributed to the customer. The link is only valid for a certain amount of days.

4.     Right to be forgotten.
Your customers can ask you to remove everything about them. Allows dedicated person(s) in the customers organization to from any errand from that customer use our function to take away/anonymize all data from this particular individual.

5.     Extended took for the above function. Exclude Right to be forgotten.
You can make settings that a specific area shouldn’t be included when Right to be forgotten is used by a customer, this is for the type of information that legally can be stored for compliance.

6.     Anonymize one specific errand.

Allows dedicated person(s) in the customers organization to anonymize one specific errand that might contain data that is not compliant to keep with the rest of the GDPR setup within Cention.


1.     Login/Logout API. 
New API that allows our customers to fetch data about agents’ login and logout times.

2.     Feature for locking agent accounts after x log in attempts.
The agent account will be locked after a number of tries. To unlock, an administrator has to unlock it on the Administration – Agents listing page.

3.     Feature: Expire passwords after set time.
Setting for expire agents’ passwords after a set time.


4.     Knowledge/FAQ widget. 
Include it on your website to have your visitors check the FAQ first and if they didn’t find what they were looking for, their search information will be sent in a chat for an agent to help.


5.     Automatic Knowledge base toplist. 
Internally agents can rate a knowledge base answer so that they will show in a top list. Same goes for users if you have an external FAQ using our new widget – the users can rate answers and they will be shown in a toplist.

6.     Satisfaction meter survey sent out after delay.
The satisfaction meter email will be sent when there are no open errands in the thread, with a delay of x hours, the setting is found on the area page.

7.     Firewall in Cloud Solution. 
A firewall is used to restrict access to a space and only allows login from certain IP addresses by restricting certain workspace on cloud.cention.com. This means that even if a company has their system in our cloud, nobody coming from other IP addresses can access their system.

8.     Export extensions. 
We have added the parameters External Area ID and External Agent ID to exports.

9.     Use multiple SMTP servers. 
Previously you could only use one SMTP server for the whole system, now you can add more on organization or area level.

10.  All Nordic languages added. 
Our new interface is now fully translated to Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish.

Other fixes: 

1.     Increased font size. 

2.     Facebook Rating updated to Recommendations and Reviews. 

3.     CSS adjustments for better user experience. 

4.     Responsiveness on all pages in any resolution for desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone. 

5.     Stability and feature updates for all social media platforms.  

6.     Fix various issues related to UTF8 and JSON parsing. 

7.     Restore messages from trash folder. 

8.     Chatbot integration with Voice providers. 

9.     Option to include the whole thread with questions and answers, when replying to a customer. 

10.  Knowledge base is added to Create errand. 

11.  Report API extension. 

12.  External data for chat is shown at the top of the chat errand. 

13.  Template preview on errand page. 

14.  Toggle the info header to get more space for the errand thread.

15.  Multiple addresses in To field for Collaboration. 

16.  Errand number is added under each errand in the thread on the errand page for a better overview. 

17.  Showing confirmation pop up when agent wants to delete an attachment. 

18.  Refactor the external chat to use our web socket. 

19.  Added notification on the errand page to show that there is information on the customer card. 

20.  Added preview of Other contacts errands on the errand page. 

21.  Added a Lock to me icon in the errand listing so that the agent easily can see it. 

22.  Rich text tool bar added for Internal comment. 

23.  “Take me home” button added to be shown in long errands when the agent has scrolled down, and will take you back to the beginning. 

24.  Separate Answered and Closed in reports. 

25.  Allowing more than one email address in the TO field on the errand page. 

26.  Show full recipients list on each collaboration thread. 

27.  Preview button added for Create/Send manual errand.

28.  Full Collaboration history is sent in Collaboration replies.

29.  Show pop up alert when send answer fails.

30.  Header in history now includes CC when forwarding externally.

31.  To and CC addresses now shows in Collaboration answers.

32.   “Show all” button for areas in the filter list in All/My errands.

33.  Remember ASC/DESC order in Search when leaving page.

34.  Expected due date is new sorting option in All/My errands.

35.  Added a copy button for pasting category and question in a knowledge base.

36.  Show some external data in the header for chat. 

37.  Change channel to other channels than just email or sms.

38.  Added preview in Conversation view.

39.  External data field is shown at the top of the chat even when scrolling.

40.  If a scheduled report doesn’t contain any data, we will send an email saying so instead of sending an empty report.

41.  Search automatically searches in the last two weeks if a date setting isn’t made.

42.  Possibility to create manual voice errand.

43.  Contact card administration: you can search for data on a card and not just the name.

44.  Feature: Put mouse cursor over the SLA icon in the errand list to see remaining SLA time.

45.  Added a warning notification when facebook page needs to be re-authorized.

46.  Added “Select/deselect all” in Search to tick/untick all errands in the list.

47.  When “Hide All errands” feature is activated, created errands will be put in My errands by default.

Added editable subject for Voice errands.

Other Fixes

  1. Increased font size.
  2. Facebook Rating updated to Recommendations and Reviews.
  3. CSS adjustments for better user experience.
  4. Responsiveness on all pages in any resolution for desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.
  5. Stability and feature updates for all social media platforms.
  6. Fix various issues related to UTF8 and JSON parsing.
  7. Restore messages from trash folder.
  8. Chatbot integration with Voice providers.
  9. Option to include the whole thread with questions and answers, when replying to a customer.
  10. Knowledge base is added to Create errand.
  11. When going to the Search page, the errand search is default instead of global search.
  12. Report API extension.
  13. External data for chat is shown at the top of the chat errand.
  14. Template preview on errand page.
  15. Toggle the info header to get more space for the errand thread.
  16. Smaller Statistic GUI improvements.
  17. Multiple addresses in To field for Collaboration.
  18. Adjustment of chat view to better see the last customer message.
  19. Added possibility to expand/collapse Collaboration conversations.
  20. Errand number is added under each errand in the thread on the errand page for a better overview.
  21. Showing confirmation pop up when agent wants to delete an attachment.
  22. Refactor the external chat to use our web socket.
  23. Added notification on the errand page to show that there is information on the customer card.
  24. Added preview of Other contacts errands on the errand page.
  25. Added a Lock to me icon in the errand listing so that the agent easily can see it.
  26. Rich text tool bar added for Internal comment.
  27. Red line in answer box removed.
  28. “Take me home” button added to be shown in long errands when the agent has scrolled down, and will take you back to the beginning.
  29. Separate Answered and Closed in reports.
  30. Allowing more than one email address in the TO field on the errand page.
  31. Show full recipients list on each collaboration thread.
  32. Many more interface enhancements.