Empowering Customer and Business Relationships

Integrate multiple solutions, database, and channels to elevate manager and agent experience, that begets an improved customer experience.

Why Cention

Everything for everyone

Make agents and managers lives easier when you equip your support team with a contact center and an all-in-one communications solution. Whether in the office or working remotely, we have the solution for you. Advanced capabilities, but simple to use.


Manage all errands (customer queries) and processes easily with a 360° view of all incoming errands.


Route each customer query according to department, category and priority.

100% SLA Uptime

Cut customer effort while maximizing employee and customer joy.


Easily integrate endless real-time services, applications, and popular CRMs.

Machine Learning

Use chatbots to answer common questions and save agents time.

Global Availability

Enjoy the industry’s highest and most inclusive SLA.

Trusted by big brand leaders

Why Cention

It’s truly Omnichannel

Manage customer queries coming from all channels. Whether it’s email,
live chat, SMS, social media,direct messaging, and other web forms.

Why Cention

Your agents need assistance too.

Solving high volumes of incoming customer queries has never been simpler with our Collaboration tool. It enables agents to stay connected and reach out to other agents or external experts for additional advice when solving more complex queries, all on one platform.

Cention's Universe

Easily integrate with the systems you use

Why Cention

Keeping Knowledgebase alive

Access, customize and build your FAQs the way you want it. By creating a centralized information center for your support team, they can dramatically reduce time finding answers.

Why Cention

Extensive analytics for better decision-making

Predefined and customizable analytics dashboard for managers to work with all data reports gathered and turn them into information to better support your business decisions.

Walk the talk

Never miss a customer when you can track all incoming and outgoing phone calls, record phone calls for reference, IVR to route customer calls quickly and seamlessly to the best agent to address their inquiry.

Clients are talking

Reputation by association is alright by us.

The Only
Contact Center
you will ever need.

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