About Cookies

Cookies facilitate certain features that can make the on-line experience more
convenient and valuable for Web users.

A “cookie” is a small piece of information which a web server may place on
your computer when you visit a web site. This is useful for having your browser
remember some specific information which the web server can later retrieve. When
you quit your browser, some cookies may be stored in your computer’s memory in a
cookies file. Many cookies last only through a single session, or visit. Others
may have an expiration date, or may remain on your computer until you delete
them. The cookie is set on a particular browser on a particular computer, so
when you use a different computer, the cookie will not exist.

Cookies are used, for example, when a browser stores your password to a
particular site so that you do not have to input it every time you visit.
Cookies are also used to store preferences you express for information that is
then aggregated and presented to you.

How We Use Cookies:

We use cookies for a number of purposes – for example, to maintain continuity
during a user session, to gather data about the usage of our web site for
research and other purposes, to store your preferences for certain kinds of
information and marketing offers, or to store a username or encrypted customer
identification number so that you do not have to provide this information every
time you return to our site. Our cookies will track only your activity relating
to our online promotions, which may be located at our web site or the web sites
of others, and your online activity on our web site. They will not track your
other internet activity. Cookies set by us cannot be read by and are not shared
with any non-Cention web site or system, although we may share some of the cookie
information we gather with other Cention companies. Our cookies typically do not
gather personally identifiable information.

Although if you are using Cention Contact Center, you can not have cookies turned of for cloud.cention.com, for the plattform to function you need cookies enabled. 

Cookie Filters

You can decide if and how your computer will accept a cookie by configuring
your preferences or options in your browser. However, if you choose to reject
cookies, you may not be able to use certain of our online services or web site

Your browser software may contain a feature which is intended to
notify you of the cookie policies of the various web sites you visit. Browser
software frequently contains a version of such a cookie-filtering device,
commonly known as P3P. To learn more about P3P and how it may affect your online
experience go to www.w3.org/P3P. This site has attempted to be compatible with
the P3P privacy filtering tool. However, P3P is still an evolving standard and
therefore, we are not responsible for any problems you experience when using a
P3P filter, or any discrepancies between the machine-coded statement of our
privacy program which is read by the P3P tool and the human readable program
which you see here on this site. Our Internet Privacy statement and our User
agreement are the controlling documents to which you should refer if you have
questions about privacy and this site.

Cookies of Other Companies

We occasionally use other companies to set cookies on our web sites and
gather cookie information for us. We use the cookie information gathered by
these companies in the same manner as stated in the previous section. The
companies we use may not use these cookies for their own internal purposes or
share the information gathered with anyone other than Cention, in accordance
with the terms of the contracts they have signed with us.

Because of the way in which P3P works, these companies must provide their own
human-readable and machine-coded privacy statements regarding the cookies they
set for us, or the web sites they operate for us. Because, as explained above,
P3P is still an evolving standard, we are not responsible for the accuracy of
such statements, any discrepancies between another company’s machine-coded and
human readable statements or any problems you may experience when using a P3P
filtering tool.

General Website Practices

In addition to the information we collect from cookies, we also obtain
information which you provide to us online – for example, when you are doing
your online purchase with us, when you use our tools and online demonstration
sections or when you submit an application or otherwise communicate with us. In
some cases, we retain both the cookie information and/or the information you
provide to us online – for example, to complete a transaction you requested or
to keep historical records of your past transactions. In other cases – for
example, when you use our tools – we only retain the cookie and/or online
information you give us if you request us to do so for your use in subsequent